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California Dreaming!

This week I have the privilege to travel to Carmel by the Seas, California. The president of Carmel High’s Amnesty International Club has arranged for me to come speak at a human trafficking awareness event hosted at the high school on Saturday, April 29th. I have the honor of speaking at Carmel High three times during this week. On Thursday, I will be speaking to students for a little bit about human trafficking. Friday, the Florida Christian Athletes will be having a luncheon and I will share my testimony with them.

The main event will be on Saturday evening in the Carmel High School Theater. The agenda for the evening is very powerful and I believe each person is going to be impacted in some way. I love when people, especially teenagers, get excited about raising awareness and doing something about human trafficking. If we don’t know about something, how can we prevent it? Awareness is key when it comes to prevention.

Savannah, the voice for the voiceless.

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