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"The Unsung Hero: A Poem for My Incredible Social Worker"

Reconnecting after 20+ years

I don't often share poems that I write, but in honor of March being National Social Work Month I want to share a poem I wrote a few years ago about an incredible social worker who came into my life when I was thirteen years old. We reconnected in 2021 after 21 years. I am forever thankful to have her in my life.

I remember it like it was yesterday,

The day you took me away.

You drove me to a stranger’s house,

You told me that tonight this is where I had to stay.


You promised you would be back in the morning to get me,

You had to drive me to school.

I didn’t believe you would come back for me,

I thought you were being very cruel.


“I will be back to get you in 10 hours”

You told me as I began to cry.

How was I supposed to believe you

When everything my mother told me was always a lie?


The next day you came back for me

Just as you promised you would.

Not knowing where I would sleep that night,

You dropped me off at school and pleaded with me to be good.


You never knew the extent

Of the abuse I had to survive

I was keeping so many secrets

And it was eating me alive.


Cutting myself became an addiction

An addiction that only provided me with temporary relief

But it was so uncommon back then

And it left many people in disbelief.


You began searching my body

For all the cuts that were covering my skin

One by one you counted each cut

As your patience was wearing thin.


I made your job far more difficult

For you than it had to be.

“Be good and don’t hurt yourself”

Was always your plea.


You were the first person in my life

Who showed they really cared.

I wish I could have been better for you,

But I was so broken and oh so scared.


I’ve thought about you over the years

And wished you could see the person I’ve become

Because you are the one who really knows

Just how far I’ve come.

Thank you for being the person you didn't have to be!

At my birthday dinner in 2021

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Anica Colon
Anica Colon
Mar 19

I love this poem so much! It’s a special gift I will treasure forever❤️. You taught me how to be a social worker! I love my profession, my calling, my gift from God. He had a reason for you to be placed in my care and I’m forever thankful.

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