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When I speak at conferences, trainings and other large venues, I often hear powerful comments from others who have been moved by my words and my story. I want to share some of those words with you.

"I joined the FAA training today and want to say thank you for sharing your story.  I learned so much.  Your story inspired me and motivated me to help educate people I know.  I feel like this needs to be taught in schools as well.  As a mother, my 13-year-old son is fully capable of understanding this webinar.  Education needs to start at home with our youth."

Florida Apartment Association Member

"I attended a seminar for law enforcement and prosecutors regarding the investigation of human trafficking cases when I heard Savannah speak. She captured the attention of the room immediately with an openness and honesty about some of the ugliest forms of human behavior imaginable. Seasoned officers sat riveted as she spoke her truth, realizing that there was never an end to their learning process. She let us know that we had more to learn, and she told us how to gain that knowledge. It was an invaluable lesson from someone who's lived through hell and survived to talk about it."

Karen Martinez

District Attorney, San Bernardino County, CA

"Savannah is an inspiration to all she meets. Her story is one of triumph, courage, resiliency, and hope. Every time I’ve seen Savannah present, all those in the room were impacted and were in awe of the realities of the issue of human trafficking, and also inspired by Savannah’s strength and passion. I highly recommend Savannah for any educational event and am so grateful for Savannah’s willingness to share her story."

Laura Cusack

President, Human Trafficking Coalition of the Palm Beaches

"You're beautiful, Savannah!

Thank you for your courage and your inspiration and your story.  There is nothing like hearing your bravery to instill it in all of us."

Becca G.

Student from Carmel High School

"When I heard Savannah's story I knew I had to meet her.  I knew people needed to hear this girl's story."

Liz Crawford

10 News WTSP

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