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The Impact of Support Group

When I speak I normally always share how going to support group for victims of sexual assault ended up being a big part of my healing journey. I recently had a meeting where I shared just how much going to this support group meant to me and how much it helped me. During this meeting I remembered that I wrote a blog about the support group soon after I began attending the group.

When I wrote this blog I remember wanting to share my excitement with everyone, but I was still in a place where I was too ashamed to share any of the things that happened to me and I definitely didn’t want people to know I was attending a support group, so I wrote the blog in a way that nobody would really know what I was referring to.

Here is the blog I wrote about my journey to support group.

Embarking on A New Journey

June 18, 2013

About two months ago I embarked on a new journey. I was unsure as to if this new journey was something I even wanted to do. Well, to be honest it was something that I definitely did not want to do. After spending a lot of time thinking and praying about it and also being advised that it’s something I need to do, I finally agreed to give it a go.

On this journey I have come together with a small group of ladies that I had never met before… not even one of them. Our ages all differ and we all come from different backgrounds, but we all have one similar thing in common. As I’ve met with these ladies and have gotten to know some of their hurts and fears our relationships have grown. There’s some sort of special bond between all of us that I can’t really explain.

A couple weeks ago I met one of the ladies on a Saturday, outside of the group. We both have a creative/crafty side so we went to a craft/hobby store and had lunch together. At lunch we talked about how we just met two months ago and don’t really know each other, but we feel like we do. The other lady said, “It’s almost like a sisterhood.” And, she is right. Due to the one similar thing we have in common we share a bond that is unlike any other.

I’ve never been one to just let people in my life and get close to me, but I couldn’t feel any closer to this group of ladies than I already do. I can’t really explain what I feel, but it’s pretty special and it’s something that I need during this season of my life. They are a group of women that I feel I can be myself with and know that they are not going to tell others all of my hurts and struggles. I can relate to these ladies in a way that I can’t relate to anybody else. At this point in my life the group is one of the most important parts of my life. I am very thankful for each and every one of them.

The reason I’m sharing this is because we need to be more open to things that we do not want to do. If I hadn’t reconsidered and didn’t have someone advise me to join this group I would have missed out on what has now become so important and special to me. The amazing friendships I have made would never have happened.

The next time something there is something you don’t want to do and immediately shut it down I encourage you to reconsider. Don’t give a final answer until you have really considered your options, prayed, thought about it, sought advice, etc… What you are saying no to, could very well turn out to be one of the most important parts of your life.

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