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Sometimes We Need Help Finding Our Strength Again

Earlier this week I interviewed by Karla Ray for an award I will be receiving next month. Karla works for Channel 9 News, so of course I started the interview by joking about channel 9 making me look as good as Channel 6 News did. I never intend to joke or be funny… it just happens!

This interview was a bit difficult for me because I have still been working through different emotions since having the hysterectomy last month. I’ve struggled with feeling like I’m more damaged and less of a person now that I’ve had the hysterectomy. Struggling with those feelings made it difficult for me answer some of the questions I was being asked regarding how I feel about being honored and receiving this award next month.

Karla could sense there was more going on than I was saying. She asked a question that I’ve thought about every day since the interview. She asked, “How do you have fun and crack jokes so quickly after everything you’ve been through”? I don’t know what my exact answer was during the interview, but the answer is simple, I have the freedom to have fun, to laugh and to joke around now. I could be sad all the time because of the things that I’ve gone through, but I‘ve learned that our past does NOT have to define us.

My response to the question reminded me that having a hysterectomy doesn’t make me any less of a person; it makes me a stronger person.

Since the interview I’ve felt more myself than I have since the surgery. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of what we already know. I had the answers; I just needed someone to ask the questions. Thank you Karla for unknowingly helping me find my strength again.

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