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A Victim's Worth

Statistics tell us that the average price of slave/ human trafficking victim in today’s society is $90.

Self-worth is something many people struggle with regardless if they’ve ever been sold. We live in a world where we feel like we have to measure up to the standard of those around us. There are a number of factors that diminish our self-worth, but have you ever put an actual price to your worth?

Imagine someone else putting a price on you and then they sell you out over and over again for that price, does that price then determine what your worth is now? Most of us would say the answer is “no.”

Four years ago I would have agreed that the answer is “no.” What I would leave out though is that the answer would be “no” for everyone, except me. I never put a price on my worth, but I always saw myself as worthless, damaged, unlovable, no good, etc.

A couple years ago I was talking to someone about speaking at an event and when she asked how much money I wanted to speak, my response showed both of us that I had subconsciously put a price on my worth. I told her I would speak at the event for $10.

She told me that wasn’t an appropriate price to pay someone to speak at an event and asked me again how much I wanted to speak at the event. I told her I didn’t feel comfortable charging more than $10 because that’s all I was worth. That’s the price my mother started selling me for when I was 11 years-old and that’s what I felt like I would always be what I’m worth.

As I’ve continued healing I’ve learned that the price I was sold for does not determine my worth. It doesn’t determine my worth when I speak at events and it doesn’t determine my worth in everyday life. It has taken a lot of work, but I’ve come to realize the things that happened to me in the past do not define who I am and I will not let them determine my future. No matter what has happened to me or how much I was sold for in the past, in God’s eyes I AM PRICELESS and so are you!

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